Energy Audits and Prescriptions

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HomeRx delivers a complete prescription for a healthy house. Our diagnostic services take into account your entire home, not just a single aspect (like a crawlspace or a furnace issue). We understand that your home is an interacting system of components, including home heating and cooling systems, and appliances. We'll create a prescription that considers the interactions between systems within your home. We analyze your home and  how you live in your home to find an optimal balance between systems and occupants creating physical comfort as well as peace of mind. 

Have us perform an Energy Audit and create a prescription for you--knowledge is power.

Our home energy audit and prescription presented to you in person provides you with an understanding of how your home works in language you can understand. We'll outline a clear path for prescribed upgrades whether it be one large project or several smaller ones, taking into account finances, your goals , and urgency.

An audit and prescription guide you toward:

  • Improved home comfort with fewer drafts and more comfortable humidity levels
  • Improved energy efficiency and lower energy bills  
  • A healthier home with reduced risk of mold and rodent intrusion
  • A quieter home 
  • Increased home value
  • A long-term home improvement strategy

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