Energy Trust of of Oregon


Designed to make home energy efficiency upgrades more affordable, Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives for home weatherization projects and heating system installations. The HomeRx team is knowledgeable about program requirements and can help you take advantage of these popular efficiency rebates. We work with families across the Portland metropolitan area, including Tigard, Beaverton, Bend, and Hillsboro, Oregon to make lasting home improvements.

Oregon Cash Incentives

Energy Trust rebates are available to customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, and Cascade Natural Gas.

Washington Cash Incentives

Money-saving rebates are also available to NW Natural customers in Washington.

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Eligible HomeRx Services

  • Weatherization Upgrades For Your Oregon Home

Lower your heating and cooling bills by weatherizing your home and take advantage of the Energy Trust of Oregon program. The amount of the rebates varies by the type of weatherization project, materials used, and the way you heat your home. Contact us for details.

  • Insulation & Windows

Although insulation and window upgrade projects have an upfront cost, they allow you to save considerable money on home heating bills for many years. The Energy Trust rebates reduce this upfront cost, making attic, wall, boiler pipe insulation, and new window upgrade projects more affordable.

  • Home Heating

Save on the replacement cost of installing a new gas furnace, gas boiler, ductless heat pump, heat pump, and smart thermostat. The HomeRX team can assess your home and make recommendations that will help you take advantage of these incentives, lower your heating bills, and boost home comfort for years to come.

Energy Trust of Oregon Rebates Include:

  • Between $.25 and $.50 in rebates per square foot of attic, floor, rim joist, wall, boiler pipe, and knee wall insulation (some maximum limits apply)

  • $4 per square foot for high-efficiency new windows

  • $50 in rebates for smart thermostats

  • Up to $550 for installing an efficient gas furnace

  • Up to $800 in rebates for installing an energy efficient heat pump

HomeRx: A Trusted Name in Home Energy Efficiency

Our dedication to customer service and high-quality work is evident in every project we complete. From start to finish, the HomeRx team is known for workmanship, skill, and experience.

Our goal is to help Oregon homeowners (from Hillsboro and Bend to Portland and beyond) make informed choices about weatherization and home heating upgrades. Understanding the benefits of the Energy Trust of Oregon programs is an excellent way to get started.

Want to save big on home efficiency upgrades? Contact HomeRx today to learn more about Energy Trust rebates for your home.