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Air duct service.

Here in Oregon and Washington, most people do not understand the critical importance of their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system’s air ducts, or ductwork. Your air ducts run throughout your home, connecting your HVAC system to every room in your house. The ducts carry the air you breathe back and forth, to and from your equipment, being used in your home’s air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality systems.

At HomeRx Heating & Air Conditioning, our heating and cooling professionals work hard to be sure your air ducts are in optimum condition to carry out all their uses. We make sure the ducts are maintained and replaced or upgraded as necessary.

What Are Your Air Ducts?

Your Portland, Bend, or Portland home’s air ducts exist everywhere in your house, running through your home’s walls, ceilings, and floors. They efficiently connect to supply and return vents which distribute your home’s air everywhere. Along with this ductwork are dampers and plenums, designed to work with your ducts to afford your home the highest levels of comfort and control.

Leaky or incorrectly sized air ducts will cause your HVAC system to struggle. Your heating and cooling system will need to work harder. Your indoor air quality will suffer. You pay more in energy bills.

You can trust your HomeRx team to maintain your air ducts along with the other key parts of your HVAC system. If there is an issue with your ductwork, we know how to find it and fix it.

Let Our Professionals Repair and Maintain Your Air Ducts

Your home’s air ducts are a complex roadmap constructed from galvanized steel, aluminum, fiberglass duct board, flexible ducting, or fabric ducting. As reliable and durable as these materials are, they can develop leaks and lose treated air through these leaks. This creates energy loss and high utility bills for you.

If you notice your energy costs increasing, give our duct experts a call. This is a common symptom of leaky ducts. We will come out to your home and conduct an evaluation.

If repairs can restore and seal your ducts to their original condition, we can make them. However, if your air ducts’ state is such that they require replacing, our experts can design and install new ones, along with any other damaged components.

We highly recommend regular preventative maintenance on your air ducts from our professionals. It will go a long way toward helping your HVAC equipment run at peak performance. Regularly changing your HVAC air filters at least every three months—and possibly more often if someone in your home has asthma or another type of respiratory condition—will also help to keep your air ducts clean and prevent damaging particle buildup.

To help with your regular maintenance, participating in our comprehensive maintenance package will help offset the cost of inspections, tune-ups, repairs, and other service calls. Our package is tailored to fit your lifestyle and budget. You invested a lot of money in your HVAC systems and air ducts. Allow us to maintain this equipment so you receive the best value from it.

Let Our Professionals Replace Your Air Ducts

If your air ducts have more leaks or disrepairs than can be repaired, it may be time to have our HVAC professionals replace them. If your energy bills are on the rise, let us inspect your air ducts and replace them if necessary. Our experts will effectively design and install your replacements, returning your home’s comfort and saving your money on your energy.

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