Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplace service.

You cannot deny the convenience and cleanliness of gas fireplaces here in Central Oregon. When simply flipping a switch or pushing a button gives you a fire with ambience without much effort, you can understand its popularity in Bend, Oregon, our only location where this service is available.

Give our HomeRx Heating & Air Conditioning team in Bend, Oregon, a call if you are considering converting your traditional fireplace to gas. We would love the opportunity to help you through the world of options out there in choosing what will fit best your home, lifestyle, and budget.

On the other hand, if you already have a gas fireplace and you need a repair, update, or maintenance, we are available to you when you need us.

Why Should You Choose HomeRx?

At HomeRx, our team works with the finest gas fireplace products and materials. Additionally, we have the qualifications to help you implement whatever gas fireplace needs you may have.

We stay on top of gas fireplace newest techniques and options so we can bring you the best at all times. Our team is always prepared to recommend and carry out the best-suited plans for you and your home. By staying educated on and immersed in the latest gas fireplace options, we can ensure you will have the best.

Our level of skill in gas fireplace installation, repairs, and maintenance is not to be surpassed in Central Oregon.

What Are the Gas Fireplace Choices?

Gas fireplaces offer quite a variety of designs and types, ensuring there is something for every taste and budget. They run from closely emulating a natural wood fire to an artsy display with ceramic stones or tempered glass chips. Our highly trained gas fireplace team is happy to assist you in your selection.

Here are the three types of gas fireplaces our team installs, repairs, and maintains:

  1. Log sets—This type is the least expensive of the three and is more for atmosphere than actual warmth. These use ceramic logs in your existing firebox with a gas burner. Some are vented while others are vent-free, offering a basic installation. Talk to one of our Bend, Oregon, team members for more details.
  2. Inserts—This type of design is somewhat comparable to nesting dolls. Inserts are a log-and-burner set that sits inside a metal box that sits inside another metal box. These are tucked into your existing fireplace. These also can be vented or not vented. Talk to one of our Bend, Oregon, team members for more details if this choice sounds like a good fit for you.
  3. Built-ins—This type of design is somewhat similar in design to inserts because they too are a box within a box. But these do not need an existing fireplace or chimney, so they can be installed anywhere. Talk to one of our Bend, Oregon, team members for more details if this option interests you.

We Perform Gas Fireplace Installations, Repairs, and Maintenance

Our highly qualified and trained team will be ready to come to your home and install your new gas fireplace once you have decided on a design. We will always take care in your Oregon home and disrupt your daily routine as little as possible. Our team will also leave your home in as good or better condition than when we arrived. Your satisfaction is everything to us.

If you already have a gas fireplace in your home but it is in need of repair, get in touch with our gas fireplace team. Our experts will diagnose and repair it promptly.

You need routine professional maintenance to keep your gas fireplace in peak and efficient operation. Contact our team to schedule your gas fireplace inspection and cleaning today.

Contact HomeRx for All Your Gas Fireplace Needs Today

As you can see, gas fireplaces offer something for everyone here in the Bend, Oregon, area. Give our HomeRx Heating & Air Conditioning team a call at 503-479-5290 or request service online today to discuss how we can help you with gas fireplaces.

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