HVAC maintenance service.

We always recommend regular maintenance on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. It ensures your system’s high efficiency and long life span. Our heating and cooling professionals are highly trained and experienced to perform maintenance on your units. No matter what your HVAC maintenance needs are, HomeRx Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you with your system.

What Exactly Does HVAC Maintenance Mean?

In reference to HVAC, the term maintenance refers to preventative care you take on a regular basis with your HVAC system. Professional actions—such as tune-ups, cleanings, and inspections—performed as part of maintenance assist your system in running optimally on a daily basis and extend its life.

What Is Involved in Maintenance?

At HomeRx Heating & Air Conditioning, we strongly recommend regular maintenance on your system by HVAC professionals. Just like any system or unit you own, it needs routine care. Driving your car for years and years without changing the oil or rotating the tires would be ridiculous and your car would never last.

The same goes for your home’s heating and cooling system. Your system requires consistent, proper attention known as maintenance.

We suggest scheduling one of our highly trained professionals to perform preventative maintenance on your system at least once a year. Oregon and Washington homeowners commonly schedule their heater maintenance in the fall before they begin using it once the temperatures drop.

Our HomeRx comfort specialists recommend the same for your cooler. Have your air conditioner or heat pump maintenance in the spring before you use it for the first time and the outdoor temperatures start to spike.

During a maintenance visit, our specially trained experts will clean and check your system. This involves checking all its parts to be sure they are in top condition and performing efficiently. Our team members will be sure to discuss any parts showing wear and tear so you can plan for an appropriate time for replacements.

All your system’s components will be cleaned as well as your filter replaced. It plays an important role in your home’s indoor air quality and promoting your system’s high efficiency.

We recommend changing your filter every three months. Your changing intervals is uniquely contingent on factors in your home such as chronic illnesses, pets, and smoking. Your heating and cooling system cannot work as it is intended to work without excellent airflow, which your filter can either support or block.

Routine maintenance prevents you from paying extra for energy costs by keeping your system’s energy efficiency high. Maintenance also extends your heating and cooling system’s life while preventing unexpected, costly repairs.

We feel so strongly about regular HVAC preventative maintenance, we offer our comprehensive maintenance package. Participating in our maintenance package takes the effort out of maintenance for you, ensuring your Portland, Bend, or Portland area home’s heating and cooling system receives its needed maintenance. Our package has something for everyone, meeting the service and financial needs of all. Call us today to discuss the best plan for you.

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