Portland Home Energy Score

What is a Home Energy Score?

A Home Energy Score is a prioritized list of energy upgrades and cost savings specific to your home. And beginning January 1, 2018, sellers of single-family homes in Portland are required to obtain and disclose a Home Energy Report estimating the energy-related use, associated costs, and cost-effective solutions to improve the home's efficiency.

At HomeRx, we're pleased to offer a comprehensive Portland Home Energy Score for your home. When we're finished, you'll have a complete assessment of the energy use in your home.

As a bonus, we include a list of federal and state rebates/tax incentives that could save you thousands of dollars on upgrades while reducing your energy bills!

Benefits of working with HomeRx for your Portland Home Energy Score

  • Get an itemized cost break down of each suggested upgrade (not included in the City of Portland Home Energy Scores) so you have negotiating power in marketing and transactions. The least expensive upgrades (sealing ducting or adding insulation) save twice as much energy as the most expensive upgrades (replacing a heater or windows).
  • Get a list of all current energy rebates and incentives to help you save money on energy upgrades.
  • Convenience of one-stop-shopping! Get your complete Portland Home Energy Score, and trust your home to a premiere provider of home energy solutions in the pacific northwest to make any upgrades to your home — and do the job right.

View a sample Home Energy Score

Sample Home Energy Score.
City of Portland Home Energy Score.

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