Seattle City Light


Energy bills can be a large expense for homeowners. The Seattle City Light program was designed to cut energy bills, helping homeowners save money for years to come. The HomeRx team is a qualified contractor for the Seattle City Light rebate program and can explain the program requirements and eligible energy-saving home improvements to you. This program allows Washington residents to save up to $800 in rebates for energy-saving heat pumps.

Seattle City Light Rebate Requirements

To participate in the Seattle City Light program, renters and homeowners must meet certain criteria:

  • Be a Seattle City Light customer

  • Install an eligible ductless heat pump

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Seattle City Light & HomeRx: Helping You Save on Heating & Cooling!

Seattle City Light rebates make energy efficient ductless heat pumps more affordable.

These systems are a popular option for homeowners who want an energy efficient heating and cooling solution without installing ductwork. Heat pumps have become much more efficient in recent years, helping homeowners save more and more on heating and cooling bills year-round. They also save space in the home because they don’t require room for mechanical equipment.

A Trusted Name in Seattle for Energy Efficiency

HomeRx has earned a strong reputation throughout Seattle, Portland, Bend, and beyond for delivering high-quality energy efficiency upgrades and HVAC installations. As a qualified contractor for the Seattle City Light program, we can help you drastically cut your energy bills with upgrades like a ductless heat pump.

Want to save up to $800 on a qualified ductless heat pump? Contact HomeRx today to get started!