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Home Comfort. Energy Savings.
Yes, Please.

The first step to a comfortable, energy efficient home? Make sure you’re properly insulated. A well-sealed and insulated home holds onto warm air longer during the winter and cool air when it’s hot out. This means consistent comfort, less strain on heating and cooling systems, and lower energy bills.

We Partner. You Save.

With energy-saving upgrades, everyone wins. As such, there are often rebates and incentives offered by utilities and other agencies that significantly reduce the cost. We work with them to help you take full advantage. Though unheard of, we even give you the discount at the sale and own the paperwork on your behalf when possible!

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5-Star Service Included.

Sean at HomeRx did a great job at our house. Our place is so much cooler and they really made sure to keep our place clean. Thank you!!

Greg Tomita June 7, 2024

Sean and his team were amazing! They made sure we understood the whole process and that we were comfortable every step of the way. We would recommend Home RX to anyone who is looking for help with insulation. Thanks guys!

tracy nakano June 7, 2024

They were very professional Sean did a great job explaining everything

Ashley Davis June 7, 2024

Prompt, professional and knowledgeable. I have several companies come out and take a look at my home. Some tried to over sell the job and take advantage of our lack of knowledge. HomeRx explained everything in detail and also pointed out some things that others missed. Job well done from start to finish! Thank you from your sales team to installers!

Sierra Foxtrot June 7, 2024

Stephen was very informative and professional during our home consultation today. I would trust him with any job on our home.

Susan Boyl May 21, 2024

Please respond about energy rebate

ryan silvester May 17, 2024

It's hard enough to keep the kids and dog quiet for office calls. When we discovered that the wall in between the office and family room were hollow no wonder we were having issues. HomeRx had the solution for us! The drilled holes in the wall and filled it with insulation. They were on time, used plastic sheets and cardboard to protect our home, worked efficiently and left our home in great shape. Our office is considerably quieter. I highly recommend HomeRx and would use them again!

Faby Monckton April 23, 2024

After I learned of tax rebates and credits for energy, I decided to look into adding insulation for my 1990 home. Nelsin from HomeRx performed an in-depth estimate by actually entering the attics (yes, 2 separate spaces) and the crawl space to obtain measurements. The other firm that gave me an estimate just peeked inside but never bothered to enter the spaces. I hired HomeRx and am so pleased with their work! Both the attics as well as the crawl space were completed by 2 crews in about 8 hours. These guys were such hard workers and took all the precautions to protect my floors and furnishings. The best part? They did a SUPER cleanup job and hauled away all the old junk and plastic liner from the crawlspace. I hope I don't need insulation work again but if I do, this company definitely gets my business.

Dianne Armstrong April 9, 2024

Had them come spray insulation in our attic and add venting and baffling as we were severely underinsulated and having condensation issues in our attic. They were on time, efficient, professional, friendly, and very clean. As if that wasn't enough, they were very well priced for the service provided. I will absolutely be recommending them.

Jill Carr March 27, 2024

Left everything clean

Bill Erickson March 21, 2024

Service Areas

Oregon — Greater Portland Metro, Salem, Eugene, Bend and surrounding areas.

Washington — Spokane, Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Idaho – Coeur d’Alene and surrounding areas.

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