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The first step to making your Oregon or SW Washington home cozy and energy efficient? Make sure you’re properly insulated. A well-sealed and insulated home not only holds onto warm air longer during the Portland winter, but also helps keeps it cool inside during the summer. This means consistent comfort, less strain on heating and cooling systems, and lower energy bills.

We Partner. You Save.

With energy-saving upgrades, everyone wins. As such, local utilities and programs like Energy Trust of Oregon and Clark Public Utilities often offer rebates and incentives on Portland insulation that significantly reduce the cost. We work with them to help you take full advantage. Though unheard of, we even give you the discount at the sale and own the paperwork on your behalf when possible!

Portland Insulation Experts.

The HomeRx Insulation Portland team is top notch. We specialize in insulation and weatherization services because they matter. In fact, insulation services are often the most cost-effective way to significantly improve the comfort and efficiency of an underperforming home or business. We are family-owned and committed to outstanding service. 

HomeRx Insulation Portland services include: attic insulation, crawlspace insulation, floor insulation, wall insulation, garage insulation, spray foam insulation, air sealing, and other weatherization services.

To learn more about how the right amount of properly-installed insulation can improve your Oregon or SW Washington home’s comfort and lead to energy savings, schedule a FREE assessment. 

spray polyurethane foam for roof - technician spraying foam insulation using plural component gun for polyurethane foam, inside

Serving Portland and Beyond.

Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene, and more. Our expertise and service make us one of Oregon’s preferred insulation contractors. Our service area includes:






Lake Oswego




Oregon City







West Linn


… and more

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